Tom Smith, Instructor

Creative writing at Northeast Arts Academy is a unique course of instruction wherein the individual student’s skill-level, experience, and publishing goals are assessed at the beginning of the trimester. The craft of writing is then approached as a discipline with intense albeit manageable focuses on the finer points of writing (to include news writing, magazine and e-zine features, essays, reviews, proposals, and manuscripts), the writing life, editing, publishing and breaking into print. Style and voice – as well as basic and intermediate grammar skills (depending upon the student) – will be enhanced. Students will keep journals, participate in classroom discussions, writing-on-deadline exercises, homework assignments and writing projects. Students will have opportunities to have their bylined work published through both the academy’s electronic magazine and external venues.

The classes will be composed of students of all ages and skills levels. As such, much of the instruction will be individually tailored (frequently one-on-one time with the instructor), and end-of-trimester evaluations will be based on individual progression.

Each trimester – fall, winter, spring – the level-one course will be taught. Additionally, level-two will be taught (for level-one graduates) during the winter trimester, and level-three (for level-two graduates) during the spring trimester.