Volunteering in a ministry at Northeast Presbyterian Church is a great way to make friends and become more connected to the larger church family.

Becoming a volunteer at NEPC is a five-step process:

  1. Pray about your involvement. Ask God to show you where to invest your time and energy for His kingdom through the ministry opportunities at NEPC.
  2. Review the list of Volunteer Opportunities provided by our pastors and ministry directors.
  3. Meet with a pastor or ministry director to discuss your ministry involvement.
  4. If you will be serving with children (birth-fifth grade) or students (middle and high school), you will need to complete the Child/Student Protection Policy AND the Volunteer Application, found at the bottom of this page. Submit these forms to the appropriate pastor or ministry director.
  5. After completing the above process, a pastor or ministry director will connect you with a volunteer ministry opportunity.


Children and Student Ministry Volunteer Application

Child-Student Protection Policy