The purpose of the NEPC Hospitality Ministry is to serve the church family by providing the appropriate food and atmosphere during times of weekly fellowship gatherings, church-wide events and special needs of the congregation. Church members with the desire to serve others will find true fulfillment in this ministry.

Serving the church family is what we are all about. Jesus encouraged us to practice hospitality and in this ministry there are many opportunities to just that. We enjoy working with Danielle in the kitchen to make every meal event a special one where the food and the fellowship together meet the physical and spiritual needs of those who come. Whether we are decorating for Christmas or arranging the Easter Lilies, there are always fulfilling ways to use the gifts God has given us to serve His people.

Meal Ministry Teams – Neighborhood teams who work together to provide meals for people during times of need. Team members are asked to provide one dish usually once every two months.

Wednesday Night Hospitality Teams – Teams of six – eight men and women who help the Wednesday Night Dinner run smoothly. They can choose to help with set-up, serving or clean-up on one or more Wednesday night(s) a month (August through May, excluding December).

Special Event Teams – Volunteers who help plan, set-up, serve and clean-up for events which support the life of the church family.

Bereavement Meal Helpers – Volunteers who help prepare and serve a meal for the family and out of town friends at the church before or after the funeral service.

Seasonal Opportunities to Serve

Flowers for Christmas and Easter: We always have poinsettias for Christmas and lilies for Easter. This event is for placing theses flowers in the sanctuary making a beautiful and meaningful display for services remembering the two most important events in Christian history.

“Decking and Undecking the Halls” Helpers – These two events are for men and women who help decorate the church campus for the Christmas season. The “Decking of the Halls” is scheduled for November 29-30 and the “Undecking” takes place December 28.

Betty Nelle Pressly
Director of Hospitality Ministries

Lori Pittman
Hospitality Ministries Assistant