Why should we get involved in world missions?

  • Our Lord’s plan (Matthew 28.18-20; Mark 16.15-16; Ro. 10.14-15)
  • Our Lord’s promise (John 12.32; Rev. 7.9)
  • Our Lord’s prompting (2 Co. 5.14-15; Php. 2.13)

How many missionaries does NEPC support?

  • NEPC supports 15 missionaries overseas, 6 home staff located in the US, and 2 church plants in the US

Where do our missionaries serve?

  • Europe – 2; North Africa – 2; Africa – 2; Asia – 3; Latin America – 6
  • Church plants in Boston and Columbia
  • Home staff provide counseling, training, coaching, etc. to missionaries

What are some of the most common challenges our missionaries face?

  • Discouragement – separation from family and friends; lack of contact with other believers; immigration requirements; cost of living increases; slow progress in their ministry

What can NEPC members do to support our missionaries?

  • Sign up for their newsletters and prayer requests
  • Pray for them regularly – be aware of their needs
  • Encourage them via emails, cards, phone calls, gifts, etc.
  • Give to NEPC’s Mission Fund and let the Missions Committee meet the needs of the missionaries as they arise
  • Meet the needs of missionaries who are on home assignment
  • Help other NEPC members “catch the vision” – host missionaries in your home, your SS class or other group – promote missions (help with bulletin boards, mission events, etc.)

Where do we send short-term mission teams?

  • We look for “bridges” to other countries – relationships we have or can develop with missionaries or other believers already there
  • We send a small team to explore the possibilities and report back to the Missions Committee
  • We prayerfully evaluate the opportunities and identify leaders for the trip being evaluated, including a trip coordinator
  • Past mission trips – France, UK, Kenya, Romania, Mexico, Perú, Argentina, Nicaragua
  • Future mission trips – Nicaragua and Jamaica
  • Currently evaluating – Zambia, Honduras, Bulgaria, Germany

What do those teams do?

  • Work with local missionaries and churches – identify needs in their communities – evangelistic outreach (crusades; Jesus film; home visits)
  • Meet physical needs – medical and dental clinics; eyeglass clinic; home outreach; construction
  • Meet spiritual needs – prayer ministry; pastors seminars; women seminars – worship/fellowship with believers
  • Children’s ministry – VBS; Mission for Soles; orphanages; deaf schools
  • Team support – logistics; video/photos; site set-up and packing; crowd flow; runners; serve food…

How does someone get involved with a short-term team?

  • Ask God for direction and have a servant’s heart
  • Contact Manny Rodriguez at NEPC about possibilities
  • Talk with those who have gone before
  • Attend mission events
  • Begin serving here at home (Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, …)