Monthly Tuition: September 2020-May 2021

Individual Lessons:
30 minute lessons     $100
45 minute lessons     $140
60 minute lessons     $180

Group Classes: 
60 minute classes    $85

Summer Lesson Packages:
                        30 minutes     45 minutes     60 minutes
4 lessons      $100                    $140                   $180
6 lessons      $150                    $210                   $270
8 lessons      $200                   $280                  $360

  • Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, we are changing our tuition payment structure.
  • Tuition is now a flat-rate monthly payment that is calculated based on a 34-week calendar year, running from September 9th through May 27th. Monthly tuition is due by the 5th of each month. A late fee of $10 is accrued after this date.
  • While most months will contain 4 lessons, it is important to note that these flat-rate payments are not based on the specific number of lessons provided in that month. They are evenly distributed payments that cover our 34-week calendar year (see calendar).
  •  Checks may be made out to Northeast Presbyterian Church (NEPC).
  •  A $25 annual registration fee is due upon enrollment. A student registration form as well as a signed student/parent agreement is required before beginning classes.
  •  A student may enroll in private music lessons at any point in the year, with payments adjusted accordingly.
  •  Please NOTE: Cancellation and inclement weather policies are defined in the Faculty and Student Handbook. Twenty-four hour notice is required for cancellations. One make-up lesson per semester is allowed for a lesson cancelled within the Academy guidelines. Extra-curricular activities and homework load are not valid reasons for cancellations and/or make-up lessons. No refunds are allowed for missed or cancelled lessons.

September 9 Fall lessons begin
November 25-26 Thanksgiving week (no lessons)
December 14 Winter Recital
December 23-31 Christmas break (no lessons)
January 6 Lessons resume
April 7-8 Spring break (no lessons)
May 3 Spring Recital
June 2-July 29 Summer sessions run

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