The Pray for Me Campaign links the generations of our church together through prayer, creating a web of inter-generational relationships.

It equips adult believers to pass on a sustainable faith to the next generation.

  • During the campaign, adults from across generations commit to praying for either a student (6th-12th grade) or a family with young children (5th grade or below) for 14 weeks.
  • To get involved, sign up here or at the tables in the narthex or atrium on a Sunday morning.
  • There are options for all ages!
  • As a student or a young family with kids, you can sign up to be prayed for.
  • As an adult, of any age, you can sign up to be a Prayer Champion, and pray for either a student or a family (your choice).
  • A prayer guide is available for all Prayer Champions at a cost of $12.

  What better way to connect the generations at NEPC to God and each other than through prayer?

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.  Matthew 18:20