“Can Lipstick Hide Eternity?”


Tom Ford owns the world… at least that what many people would assume. The superstar fashion designer, who once worked at Gucci and then started his own brand that now brings in $2 billion in annual sales, has it all. Still, questions of death and what comes next still nag at him. So instead of dwelling on the grand questions of life, Ford distracts himself with tasks such as picking a new color of lipstick for his brand. In this episode, Josh and Betsy explore how God has set eternity on everyone’s heart, including Tom Ford’s, and dig into the different things we all do to distract ourselves from what really matters. Maybe we aren’t so different from Ford after all?


Show Notes:
Vogue article on Tom Ford: “A Man for All Seasons

 Shock Yourself? or Think… article from the magazine “Science”

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