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The 2023 Recipient of the Endowment Fund Grant is Jubilee Academy!
Watch the video below for an introduction to this organization!

Northeast Presbyterian Church (NEPC) has been a blessing to many for over 40 years. Additionally, NEPC has been richly blessed.

We desire to be good stewards of our blessings by preparing for the needs of future generations so they may be blessed by NEPC as well.

NEPC Endowment allows our church to make an impact in the community and help build God’s Kingdom today as well as providing a legacy for future generations.

The Endowment is a fund that accepts donations from our members and invests them with the Endowment’s goals in mind.

These investments that we are setting aside today will help fund needs that we know will arise in the future but can’t predict or address today.

We balance the desire to prepare for the future with caring for current needs of faith based organizations in our community that we can support annually, as shown in the graphic:

Given the nature of the Endowment, the minimum gift size is $10,000.
It can be made lump-sum or over a 5-year pledge period.
Donations can be in the form of:

  • Checks made out to NEPC Endowment Fund

  • Stocks or Bonds

  • Required Minimum Distribution from Retirement Accounts such as an IRA or 401(k)

  • Estate Planning or Will Direction

If you have any questions, please fill free to contact the church at 803-788-5298.

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More details about the history, beliefs and operations of the PCA may be found at the official website. 

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