“One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.”
Psalm 145:4 ESV

What is Legacy of Faith?

Legacy of Faith Gift

NEPC will nurture and equip followers of Jesus in order to share the gospel locally and globally.




  • An extraordinary, state of the art sanctuary that enables individual and community worship in both traditional and contemporary styles.
  • Worship services with choir, orchestra and band each week.
  • Improved facilities for our Kids and Student Ministries to allow for growth and where students can experience God’s love and express love to God and others, drawing their parents to NEPC, too.
  • Expanded Sunday school and discipleship programs where young and old mature together in their knowledge of God.
  • A debt free NEPC so that we can maximize resources for our ministries and the missionaries we support.
  • A community of believers of all ages working, praying and growing together as one family.
  • Becoming a vibrant spiritual heart of NE Columbia.

God called Northeast Presbyterian Church into existence in 1979 and worship began with 30 worshipers in a gymnasium.  Today, NEPC serves nearly 900 worshipers each Lord’s Day.  In that time, NEPC has moved from worshiping in that gym to building its first sanctuary (now the Student Ministries auditorium), then building the current sanctuary in 1983, and finally completing the education buildings in 2006.  In its nearly 40 years of existence, NEPC has offered worship that glorifies God, developed believers through sound biblical teaching, and sent missionaries throughout the world to share the truth of the gospel.

NEPC has touched thousands of lives through worship that takes place in our sanctuary.  The sanctuary has served our church well over the years, celebrating baptisms and weddings, and comforting mourners at funerals.  Since 2010, NEPC has offered two distinct worship styles on Sunday mornings: traditional worship in the sanctuary and the contemporary service in the Grand Hall.

To repair and upgrade the sanctuary will cost $3.3 million.  Refitting the sanctuary will create an environment where the Father’s love, Christ’s cross and the Holy Spirit’s joy are so powerfully evident that the members of NEPC will rise up and follow Jesus with even greater zeal all to the end that both at home and throughout the world the name of Christ and His righteousness will be honored and glorified.  But the sanctuary renovation is only part of the long-term plan for NEPC.  Our plan is to pay for this sanctuary work over the next three years and become debt free once again so we can continue works in Reaching Around and Reaching Out. Being debt free again, will allow us to repair and rebuild other parts of the church campus, including our Kids and Student Ministry areas.  Upgrading these areas, will serve as a magnet and funnel to draw the next generation to our campus.  If we effectively minister to kids, the parents will come and new families will be drawn to our church.

NEPC has had a missional focus since its inception. During the first full year of NEPC’s existence, $3,500 was given to missions and ministries.  Last year, we gave $525,000 to the work of missions: over $300,000 to those serving globally and over $200,000 to those serving in the Midlands, South Carolina and across America.  Paying off the sanctuary renovation restores our financial margin to continue growing this ministry.


While we are unwavering in our commitment and dedication to preserving the traditions and teachings of our forefathers, we are nevertheless excited about embracing the technologies and energies of the present in pursuing the holy calling of glorifying God whether in traditional or contemporary services.

We want you to be a part of this vision.  Will you join us?

As the Session looked to the future, it sought to repair or replace broken or failing systems; create the very best worship facility in terms of beauty and function; update the sanctuary to effectively support and enable ALL our current worship styles and programs; and, prepare the sanctuary to accommodate any variety of worship services NEPC may host in the years to come.  Renovations and revitalization needed to take place this summer.  In addition to repairing the electrical and HVAC systems and pipe organ, a state of the art audio, visual and lighting system will replace the outdated lighting, sound system and faded screens.  Expansion of the narthex will provide for more gathering space outside the sanctuary.  Once renovations are completed in September, the restored and revitalized sanctuary will host our traditional service at 10:00 a.m., followed by our contemporary service.  This will consolidate our current four services, which stretch our resources, into two that will allow us to offer exceptional worship for all who attend services each at NEPC.

These back-to-back worship services will free up classroom space throughout our campus to allow the expansion of our Sunday school program.  Additional space will also allow for more fellowship and discipleship opportunities so NEPC can Reach Around and encourage more growth in our walk with Christ.

  • Consider getting involved in a ministry that involves a different generation than your own.
  • Pray for God to reveal how you can cast your own resources (time, effort, finances) to impact His kingdom.
  • Pray about giving a sacrificial gift.
  • Pray about giving a faith-gift.


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