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Prayer Needs

  • For expectant parents who are making life-changing decisions for themselves and their unborn children
  • Peace for adoptive families who are waiting for the child God has chosen for them
  • For staff members to serve clients with grace and wisdom
  • Opportunities to expand Safe Families for Children tm in the Midlands

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Help with fundraising and dinners
  • Provide client transportation
  • Mature office volunteer

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Physical Needs

  • Gift cards (Walmart/Target for expectant parents with financial needs
  • Gift bags (all sizes) and tissue paper
  • Journals and photo albums
  • Diapers: size 3, 4 and 5
  • Matching blankets or quilts for baby and birthmother
  • Gift baskets for birthmothers; journals, candles, lotion, fuzzy socks, toiletry or cosmetic bag, etc.

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For more information or if you wish to help or donate, please contact Stephanie Miller at 803-779-0541.

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Please contact the Missions Committee for additional ways to serve.