Sermon Study Guide

Sermon Title: David’s Anointing (#2 in the sermon series)

Scripture text: 1st Samuel 16:1-13

Main Points:

  1. How We See Things
  2. How God Sees Things
  3. How to See Like God Sees


  1. Do you agree that we are in an “image driven” society? How does that affect us? How does that affect you personally?
  2. What kind of images have the most power over you? Why?
  3. Why do we struggle so much to focus on the outward, and not the inward?
  4. How does God see things differently than from how we see things?
  5. Put 1st Samuel 16:7 in your own words. Make it personal and don’t allow yourself to simply change one or two words in restating it.
  6. How can we see things the way that God sees things?
  7. What does the beauty and glory of Christ have to do with this topic?
  8. Name one area that God is calling you to surrender to him when it comes to the “externals” in your life.