“Should You Follow Your Heart?”


“Follow your heart”                  “Be true to yourself”
“You do you”                               “Find Yourself”

We hear these kinds of expressions all the time. But are they true? Should we listen to them? If people came back from 500 years in the future to look at our culture, what would they say about what we believe?
On the latest episode of Intersect, Josh and Betsy look at the unseen forces that drive everything, the ideas and beliefs that our culture promotes. Put your thinking cap on, and get ready to laugh on the latest from Intersect.


Show Notes:
Dutch Man wants to change his age to fight age discrimination: “DailyMail Article

The story behind the real “Marlboro Man”: The Real Marlboro Man – Atlantic Magazine

“HiddenWorld Views”, book on Amazon: HiddenWorld Views

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