“Understanding the Gender and Trans Debate”


With the Equality Act now in the halls of congress, you may be wondering, “What is the state of the gender debate in America?” Josh and Betsy are here to help you understand transgender questions and positions being discussed today with their latest episode. They cover questions like:
1. What is this debate about?
2. What is Gender Dysphoria?
3. What does the bible say about gender issues?
4. What does science say about gender issues?
5. What does this mean for the future?

Josh and Betsy bring a thoughtful and biblical worldview to the questions of gender being asked today. Listen and learn!

Show Notes:

“What is Gender Dysphoria?” (Article)
An Endocrinologist’s Perspective on Puberty Blockers
and Cross Sex Hormones‪ (Theology in the Raw podcast episode)

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