Lift Up Your Eyes ~The Kingdom Centered Woman ~ What an amazing retreat!

WOW! God met us at Rock Bottom Pond this past Saturday as close to 115 women gathered for “The Kingdom Centered Woman ~Stir up the Gifts Within You” retreat! We were refreshed, renewed, and inspired as Maria Owens taught us through Scripture how God has created us uniquely, with a certain set of gifts and interests that He wants to use for His Kingdom purposes. The Lord used Kerri Roberts and Carrie Ballentine to prepare our hearts as they led us in praise and worship. Our prayer is that the women of NEPC will be encouraged to “stir up the gifts within you” (2 Timothy 1:6) as we seek to live Kingdom centered lives!

Special thanks to the Retreat Planning Team who served faithfully: Janice Rausch, Lori Allman, JoAnne Griggs, Kari Humphrey, Lindsay Jones, Ginger Kelley, Peggy Ley, Beth McClure and Annette Walthes, Gert Wells

Also, much appreciation to: Gloria Bell, Marcia Bradberry, Leigh Bryant, Tony Bryant, Joan Graves, Lynn Greenlee, Gail Harrison, Jennifer Henning, Sammy Grace Henning, Bertha Hittie, Chloe Humphrey, Kari Humphrey, Jenifer Kennedy, Miranda LeMoine, Sylvia Linker, Maggie McKenna, Jane Nash, Sarah Oliver, Cathey Pate, Sheila Sicilio, Terri Whirrett and the many other hand who who helped us with the retreat.