“Season 3 Recap”

Josh and Betsy are back with a final episode of season 3. What a year it’s been! Josh and Betsy review the different episodes from this past season, from the various interviews they did to addressing hot topics like the transgender debate. They also offer a preview of where things are headed in season four! Join Josh and Betsy for another engaging and thoughtful discussion on the intersection of where the church meets our culture.

Show Notes:

Season 3 episodes – listen to them all!

“Josh and Betsy Are Out of Quarantine” -301

“How To Be a Blessing” -302

“Hot Take! Netflix’s ‘The Social Dilemma’” -303

“Who Is Catechizing Our Kids?” -304

“Confronting Homelessness in Columbia, SC and Beyond” -305

“2020 – What a Year!!!”-306

“Barriers and Bridges to Racial Unity Among Christians” -307

“How Can Black and White Christians Model Unity in Divided America?” -308

“Just Mercy: A Book Review” -309

“What Have You Been Reading?” -310

“Understanding the Gender and Trans Debate” -311

“Equipping Families in the Trans Discussion” -312

“Are We in a Teen Mental Health Crisis? Part 1” -313

“Are We in a Teen Mental Health Crisis? Part 2” -314

“When Famous Christians Fall” -315

“Season 3 Recap” -316

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