Great Things Happening this Summer in the Lamppost!

What a great week we’re having here at NEPC where (Word of the Week) SANDILLIONS of kids are participating in VBS! And your Lamppost is right in the fray, albeit more of a counting one as we continue some T & B (tightening and brightening) on our inventory. In that regard, a reminder that the Childrens” Wardrobe is CLOSED THRU FRIDAY. But will reopen for your reading pleasure Friday afternoon!

Going on vacation soon? Don’t forget to take your favorite books along for the fun! And if you have a child/children ages 3 to 17, hurry and get them registered for our fabulous CHILDRENS’ NO STRESS SUMMER READING CLUB! All forms and other pertinent details can be found at the Lamppost desk. Registration is open only a while longer, so get your kids in on the action soonest!

New fiction for kids and grownups continue to arrive and be processed; you’ll find them, as always, on our FEATURED BOOK SHELVES in front of the Grand Hall (adults) and in front of the Wardrobe underneath (our BIG lion!) Aslan (kids).

Lighting up your world with reading to light your way to HIM . . . we are YOUR Lamppost! Come “check us out” this Sunday and get the kids registered!