THANK YOU to all who came out and supported DEBBIE and CHUCK KEGLEY this past Sunday at our Lamppost book autographing soiree. This librarian’s heart just (Word of the Week) QUOBS with excitement every time I think about all the support our congregation shows to literacy here at 601 Polo Road!

And as I have had a good number of folks who weren’t at church last Sunday ask me about extra copies, I have a few available for purchase.  Email me with your request and I’ll get one (or more) into your hands!

Another thing that gets my blood to pumping is our fast-approaching CHILDREN’S NO STRESS SUMMER READING CLUB! Registration begins in a few weeks, so stay tuned for all the details.

In anticipation of our biggest event, I am continuing to add to our childrens’ section; just in this week, several picture books: When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner; The Night Gardener by the Fan brothers (Terry and Eric); and a new favorite for me, Ada’s Violin: the Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay by Susan Hood. You’ll find all of these in the FEATURED BOOK children’s bookshelf beneath the music CDs.

We light up your world with reading to light your way to HIM… King Jesus! We are your Lamppost! Come “check us out” this week!