As the entrusted (Word of the Week) PURVEYOR of all things literary here at our wonderful Lamppost, I am constantly on the prowl (pun intended) to procure and maintain quality fiction and gospel-truth nonfiction for every age.

To that end, I need help. We have many books that are OVERDUE and have not been RENEWED, so please take a moment and check homes and cars, book bags, closets, table drawers, etc. to see if you perchance have one of our literary or electronic gems that need to return back to the Lamppost.

Annual inventory (a necessary evil) will be taking place on our campus in two weeks… need I say more?

Of course, should you need more time to enjoy our materials, merely shoot me an email or fill out one of our Renewal Card Forms found conveniently at the Lamppost desk.

Speaking of forms conveniently located at the lamppost desk, don’t forget to sign up your children ages 3 to 17 for our fabulous CHILDREN’S NO STRESS SUMMER READING CLUB. Here are the particulars if you are new to NEPC:

  • Club has begun and runs through AUGUST 13th;
  • Parents, register your kids at the Lamppost desk. Forms are clearly visible! Fill out (don’t forget t-shirt size) and leave in the designated box. All club participants must be registered to participate;
  • Read, read, read or listen, listen, listen… to whatever you want… in whatever form you want… electronic, audio, or hard copies… whatever your pleasure… no fuss, no muss;
  • Write down the titles on our special Lamppost book forms and turn in all throughout the summer and by August 13th!
  • At the end of August, we’ll celebrate with a big ICE CREAM PARTY and award GRAND PRIZES in drawings for qualified readers in each age division: ages 3 to 6, 7 to 12, and 13 to 17.

We are YOUR Lamppost… lighting up your world with reading as we light your way to HIM… our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS!

Looking forward to a full BOOK RETURN box this week!