“If it requires a bikini,
my answer is no.
If it requires a book,
my answer is yes.”
(Author unknown or unwilling to claim)

What do both of these things have in common? Why, a perfect summer afternoon of course!

Picture (or not) your librarian sitting poolside… a book in one hand… a refreshing beverage in another… in her ONE-PIECE bathing suit and there you have it!

You, too, can have this perfect summer afternoon as well with any of our reading selections from the Lamppost! (Word of the Week) MEANDER through our stacks for adults or kids and you’re sure to find the just-right summer read. (Sorry… pool not supplied.)

And a reminder to my CHILDRENS’ READING CLUB MEMBERS: read, read, read and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your books or books on tape now through AUGUST 13th! Don’t forget to write down your titles on one of our sheets, found conveniently at the Lamppost desk. SHEETS ARE DUE INTO THE LAMPPOST DESK by AUGUST 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lamppost… just like your librarian’s bathing suit… we’ve got you covered in all the right places. “Check us out” next time you’re at church.