No winter lasts forever;
no spring skips its turn.
Hal Borland

We shall cling to that as Springtime… the time in South Carolina when you put the WINTER clothes back ONE day and shorts the NEXT day!

Never the mind… here at your Lamppost, we sally forth with pastels and all things (Word of the Week) EFFLORESCENCE and new life!

In that vein, a few reminders as we welcome a new season with some of our old guidelines. We’ll call it LAMPPOST 2.0!

1. Please remember to RETURN YOUR BOOKS! We, just like the big-boy libraries, give you THREE WEEKS to enjoy our materials. All we ask in return is that you return! Want to keep our good stuff out a bit longer? No worries! Just fill out one of our RENEWAL FORMS, conveniently located at the Lamppost desk. They’re located in a wire rack right on top of the desk!

2. While on the subject of the Lamppost desk, please DO NOT RETURN BOOKS ON THE DESK! We have not one, but TWO BOOK RETURN CABINETS, located conveniently on either side of the Childrens’ Wardrobe doors.

3. Every Wednesday night and Sunday morning, we have myself or one of my wonderful volunteers at the Lamppost desk to serve you, but we are open for your perusal and use anytime the church is open. Have questions? Feel free to email me and I’ll be delighted to help.

We are the Lamppost… we belong to HIM for HIS Glory and your enjoyment! Lighting up your world with reading to light your way to HIM… King Jesus… it’s what we do at the Lamppost!