“One benefit of Summer was that each day
we had more light to read by.”
~Jeannette Walls ~

Isn’t that so true? Throw in getting to stay up later and sleep in a bit longer and VOILA! …a winning combination!

Your Lamppost is plentifully stocked (and accounted-for, thanks to inventory last week) and ready to handle all of your summertime reading. New fiction and nonfiction newly arrived abound for adults and children.

Browse our shelves…. we have everything subject-wise from (Word of the Week) APOLOGETICS (not sure what that is… look it up!) to YOUTH with most everything in between!

Speaking of youth, to my CHILDRENS’ READING CLUB MEMBERS: read, read, read and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your books or books on tape now through AUGUST 13th! Don’t forget to write down your read titles on one of our sheets, found conveniently at the Lamppost desk.

But did we forget about our grownups reading??? NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Also on our Lamppost desk, you’ll find READING LISTS for our “bigger” kids with everything from classics to re-read (or read for the first time) to suggestions for more contemporary selections.

We stand ready to serve you at the Lamppost… lighting up your world with reading as we light your way to HIM… Lord of Summertime and every season of the year… JESUS! Come “check us out” this week!