June 24 – Day 7


 “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8


What a statement: simple, to the point, and such a wonderful thought to know and teach children. This week we are focusing on Jesus and how He remains the same throughout all of time. Throughout the halls of NEPC this coming week, children will hear the gospel and how the love of our Lord is constant and never changing, no matter the circumstance. Knowing that Jesus is a constant in our lives (which are ever changing) is so powerful. Throughout this earthly life, we are consistently taught that everything changes and the only thing in this life that is constant is change. However, I strongly disagree with that statement. The only constant in our ever-changing lives is Jesus Christ and His unfailing love for us. He is our constant in every way, He keeps His promises. Just like He kept His promise to Abraham, He will keep His promise to love you unfailingly. Even when we stray, His love remains constant. What a powerful sentiment to know and teach our children as we discover Jesus from eternity past to eternity future.


As you prepare for VBS tomorrow, how can you rejoice in His promises? How has His love and constant promise keeping blessed your life?


Lord, thank you for being such a constant in this earthly life. I pray that You remind us daily of Your constant love for us and that throughout the next week You show every child and volunteer that walks our halls that they are given the greatest gift, Your son’s sacrifice and Your constant love. It is for Your Kingdom that we pray- Amen.


Emma Webb