“What a blessing it is to love books.”
~ Elizabeth von Arnim ~

And what a blessing it is to have such eager readers here at our Northeast Presbyterian Lamppost! Our CHILDREN’S NO STRESS SUMMER READING CLUB continues through AUGUST 13th, and our younger readers have been going at it with (Word of the Week) ALACRITY!

A couple of reminders to all my Club members: Keep enjoying your books and remember to turn in your BOOK TALLY SHEETS BY AUGUST 13TH; you’ll find blank forms at the Lamppost desk on which to write your titles and page numbers, as well as a basket to turn in your sheets. Any questions? Email me or ask one of my trusty volunteers any Sunday morning.

For the rest of my reading friends, enjoy our collection of new and classic fiction and nonfiction “stacked amongst our stacks!” There’s still a bit of summertime to come…treat yourself to the more relaxed days with a good book or movie from your Lamppost.

We’re here to light up your world with reading as we light your way to our Risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ… we are your Lamppost! Come “check us out” this week!